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Driving Digital Transformation

By Leveraging

Power of Technology & Analytics

About Us

We are full-service IT Consulting and Development company, supporting our clients through the entire product lifecycle, taking a data-driven approach to ensure their success.

From Strategy, Design & Development, Analytics upto Support - our services covers all.


At Optime, We take pride in detailed planning, transparency throughout the entire process and high reliability. 

Our team is full of fresh, creative thinkers who are enthusiastic and passionate about contributing new ideas to the world of technology. We foster a work culture of collaboration, problem solving and team building. 


We're always curious about what's around the corner and how we might be able to leverage it to benefit the products that we're building.


We work with startups & enterprises of all shapes & sizes, across all industries.

About Us



We impeccably handle the entire product development process. We first plan out a perfect architecture as per use case, pick the apt technology stack and then build in sprints. Once developed, we make sure that the apps/dashboards are out properly. We develop android apps, iOS Apps, Websites, Data Analytics & Admin Dashboards.

 AI & ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning being highly disruptive, have already become key accelerators in almost every aspect of business.  We use AI and ML Technologies to develop breakthrough solutions for our clients. AI and ML Applications have not only helped our clients save time and money, but also improved their productivity and operational efficiencies.


We don't design products. We design dreams. With the proliferation of number of digital products on the planet, it has become daunting to survive with an average product experience. We design compelling user interface and experience for our clients, which narrate the saga. Each and every element in the design is critically placed with deep understanding.

IoT & Wearables

Internet of Things and Wearables will continue to evolve at sky-rocketing pace. Be it startups or enterprises, everyone wants to ride this tide of disruption, which can potentially impact every industry. By combining our product development expertise with embedded technology, we design and develop high performing digital products which seamlessly connect with IoT devices and Wearables.


We write sophisticated algorithms so that all our digital products provide the actionable business intelligence, in almost real time. A perfect amalgamation of data analytics and apps can give businesses capacity to predict future events. We work with our clients to understand the needs and accordingly provide innovative data analytics solutions. 


We keep investing in cutting edge futuristic technologies, Blockchain being no exception. We have developed in-house capability and expertise to realize the full potential of this disruptive technology. Be it Blockchain Consulting or Blockchain app development, we can help you. We can transform the ideas into high-performance apps.


Core Values

Strive for Excellence

It’s a moving target, but the fun of it is working to hit that mark. We keep an unwavering eye on attaining service excellence. 

Customer Satisfaction

We know customer satisfaction is priceless. We go the extra mile to ensure our partnership contributes to the growth plans of our customers. 

Quality Centric

Our prime focus is serving our clients’ businesses. We believe the quality of our work spearheads the value of our products and nurtures customer satisfaction.

Open Communication

For relationships to have a life, communication has to pump the blood. We believe open and honest relationships accommodate dialogue and debate.

Core Values


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